A new way to be a tourist in the city

My final BA project is a rethinking and redesign of the Copenhagen Card. The app allows city break tourists the opportunity to create their own unique travel experience in Copenhagen, based on their individual needs and preferences, it provides city break tourists the chance to experience the city in a more local and authentic way.

Client: Visit Copenhagen 
Role: Concept, UX, Design
Year: 2016


I used the service blueprints from service design as an approach to identify the target group's experiences with the Copenhagen Card. I found out that a lot of the tourists visiting Copenhagen had bad user journeys when they used the current Copenhagen Card. Some of the insights I got from my focus groups was used to change the service to the better. 
»We went to the Copenhagen Museum and it was really small and not really underwhelming. If I paid for it I would have been really annoyed. It’s great that we just have this card and we can go all these places, but not knowing what to expect from these places was not so good« - Gareth.

Screenshot 2015-07-10 00.26.09Screenshot 2015-07-10 00.26.09